Parentcraft Centre

The joy and excitement of bringing new life into the world has inspired us to explore and discover better ways of serving you and our young patients.

Thomson ParentCraft services are designed as part of our ongoing efforts to help expectant and new mothers enjoy their experience during pregnancy and after delivery.

a.      Childbirth Education Course  For on-line CBE registration, click here.
         Download the e-brochure here 

b.      HypnoBirthing Classes
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c.      Homecare Service
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d.      Confinement Nanny Service
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e.      Breastfeeding Counselling

f.       Baby Massage

g.      Weaning to Solids at 6 Months

h.      Parent and Baby Fitness

i.       Infantcare Training Programme
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j.       First Aid Training Programme

k.      Postnatal Hotline

l.       Thomson Postnatal Support Group for Mothers

m.    Outpatient Consultation

n.     Confinement Food

Thomson ParentCraft Centre
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