Thomson Breast Centre

Thomson Breast Centre (TBC) is a one-stop surgical breast centre dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of all breast-related concerns through the highest standards of personalised breast care in a supportive environment. 

Situated within Thomson Medical Centre, Thomson Breast Centre taps on the hospital’s expertise in women’s health and technology to provide patients with an integrated model of breast care for all women.

Thomson Breast Centre patients will benefit from easy referrals to the hospital’s specialists, imaging services and support from Thomson Medical’s strong team of Lactation Consultants.

Patient Services

Our breast centre offers a comprehensive range of breast care services for both benign and malignant diseases that cover:

  • Specialist consultation: Personalised clinical breast assessment
  • Breast self-examination training and counselling
  • Breast imaging studies (mammography and ultrasound)
  • Image-guided biopsy of breast lesions
  • Minimally invasive breast surgery including vacuum-assisted core biopsy or mammotomy
  • Image-guided aspiration of breast abscesses
  • Breast cancer surgery: Mastectomy, breast conservation, oncoplastic surgery and breast reconstruction 
  • Selective sentinel lymphadenectomy with reduction of postoperative morbidity for suitable patients
  • Assisting mothers to achieve successful breastfeeding
  • Adjuvant chemotherapy and radiotherapy including neoadjuvant chemotherapy for downstaging of breast cancers

Disease Treatment

Thomson Breast Centre provides management and services for several breast conditions, including but not limited to those below:

  • breast pain
  • breast lump
  • breast hardness
  • breast itch
  • nipple discharge
  • abnormal mammogram or ultrasound breast
  • breast infections (mastitis, abscess)
  • breastfeeding complications

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