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Health Screening & Wellness Programmes
With today’s hectic and demanding lifestyles, it is important that one maintains good health. Our health screening programmes at Thomson Lifestyle Centre are carefully designed to examine and assess the overall state of your health, detect and investigate signs of illnesses that you may not be aware of.

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Weight Loss Programme

The Thomson Weight Loss Programme is managed by a team of medical and other healthcare professionals. Our professionals help to identify each patient’s weight problem and customize programmes with the aim of achieving, amongst others, the desired weight and reducing risks of developing obesity related medical problems such as diabetes and cardiac risks.

The programme helps patients to focus on:

 Motivation – establishing baseline health risk indicators for a personalised and safe weight loss programme

 Meals – developing a practical meal plan that is nutrient rich

 Moves – developing an exercise prescription that is both practical and able to build up metabolism for more efficient weight control

 Medication (if necessary) – using appropriate modalities eg Medical Aesthetics procedures or medication therapies to shape and model the ideal body form


Anti Aging Hormone Screening Package

Aging is inevitable, it is a process that we cannot avoid, but we can certainly strive to prevent and delay aging’s damaging effects.

Anti Aging Medicine, through optimization of cellular function and prevention of cellular aging, strives towards the goal of “Healthy Aging”, by delaying or minimizing the physical frailty and mental deterioration associated with the normal aging process.

With appropriate hormone optimization and neutraceutical supplementation, we can achieve a better quality of life as we age.


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