What to bring for your Stay

Download our hospital guide for detailed information on admission procedures and services.

For maternity patients, please bring along your:
personal nightgowns or pajamas (front-open types for easier breastfeeding)
nursing brassieres without underwire support
hair ties and hair brush
disposable underwear
cell phone charger
sanitary pads (optional)
cosmetics (optional)
comfortable going-home clothes
Note: It is advisable to have a bag ready with these necessary items packed 2 to 4 weeks before estimated delivery date. We will provide the following for your newborn baby:
baby vest
disposable diapers
wet wipes
a baby diaper bag
hooded wrapping blanket
Basic toiletries throughout your stay with us will be provided. However, you may also like to bring along your personal clothing, cosmetics and toiletries for a more comfortable stay. You are advised against bringing large sums of cash or valuables.