Thomson Medical Mommy's Bag 2023

As we emerge from the pandemic, we welcome a new beginning. We have specially curated ‘A New Beginning’ bag for our 2023 Thomson Mommies. Brimming with practical gifts for both mommy and the little one, we hope to start you off on the right foot as you embark on a new journey together!

‘A New Beginning’ comprises:

1. Reusable tote bag

2. Essence of chicken

3. Lactation cookies

4. Neo Garden vouchers

5. Biodegradable liquid cleanser

6. Adult & Baby wipes

7. Breast pads

8. Breast milk storage bags

9. Playmat gift voucher

10. Baby nail care kit

11. Hair Boosting Shampoo for moms

12. Nutritious spread

13. Baby shower foam

14. Hand sanitiser holder & swim session

15. Probiotics

16. Diapers

17. Skincare for sensitive skin

18. Insect repellent wipes

19. Biodegradable food contact wipes

20. Nursing bra

21. Discount voucher for electric breast pump

22. Milk bottle

23. Breast milk refill cup

24. Singlife Gift & Singlife’s MyJoyfulBundle insurance coverage

25. Mittens