5 Acupoints to the rescue

Unexpected incidents can happen, particularly while travelling when your body is exposed to unfamiliar environment like a change in climate or even diet. Disrupted sleep, sluggish digestion, unbearable cold and motion sickness are common health issues while on the road. Here is how stimulation of acupressure points can help ease minor ailments, without having to resort to medication.

  • Fear of cold (涌泉穴)

This applies if you are visiting a country with a temperate climate.

Location of 涌泉穴: Centre of the foot, one-third from the base of the toes

What to do: Applying pressure on 涌泉穴will warm up your body. It has the effect of generating yang energy that keeps you warm. Press the area repeatedly for 10-15 minutes daily


  • Insomnia 安眠穴

Insomnia is common if you find it hard to sleep in a new environment or adjust your sleep pattern in a different time zone.

Location of 安眠穴: Two fingers-width from the back of your ear lobe

What to do: Gently massage the spot for 10-15 minutes half an hour before bedtime, or stick a small piece of medicated plaster for muscle soreness on your 神阙穴30 minutes before you sleep


  •  Motion sickness 神阙穴
    Some people suffer from such severe motion sickness that they avoid travelling altogether.

Location of 神阙穴: It is on your belly button

What to do: Stick a small piece of medicated plaster for muscle soreness on your 神阙穴half an hour before your journey


  • Overeating 足三

It is common to overindulge when on holiday. The downside though is digestive discomfort and weight gain. By pressing this acupoint, you can get relief from problems like indigestion as your metabolic rate increases to burn off some extra calories.

Location of 足三里: Three inches below the centre of the knee cap, one finger-width from the outer side of the tibia

What to do: Press repeatedly for 10-15 minutes daily


  • Constipation 天枢穴
    Constipation is generally uncomfortable and is a great inconvenience while on holiday. Your tummy gets bloated and your appetite is affected.

Location of 天枢穴: Three fingers-width from each side of your belly button

What to do:  Gently massage the area for 10-15 minutes when needed


Try stimulating these acupoints on your next trip and feel the differenc