Healthy, radiant complexion

Medical aesthetics is a good and quick option to achieve the skin you want. The first step is to select a doctor with a reputable track record and high safety standards, especially when it comes to injectables like fillers and thread lifts, you want to be sure that the doctor can tailor a treatment plan that addresses your needs. A good doctor should be able to identify areas to both enhance and work on so that you face the world looking your best.

Treatments to consider

Skin boosters

These are minimally-invasive treatments that smoothen skin and keep it hydrated through injections. High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), fillers and thread lifts are some non-surgical procedures that reverse the signs of ageing by lifting and rejuvenating skin.


Wrinkles and lines are a common concern among many women, and rightly so, as they can
make you look tired, aged, and even sad-looking. Botox injections can significantly smoothen
out lines on the forehead as well as frown lines, so that you look fresher. Botox can also be used with steroids and laser treatment to minimise visible scar marks or tissues.

Facial Contouring

Through strategically placed dermal fillers, facial contouring can help shape, highlight, and contour your face. Facial contouring allows better manipulation of light and shadows and allows you to look great under any lighting and makeup, so you will radiate confidence.

While medical aesthetics can help you to achieve glowing skin, remember it is also important to take care of it. A healthy diet, eating more vegetables and fruits, drinking lots of water, regular exercise, keeping your skin clean and moisturised, and getting enough sleep, are all essential for healthy skin.