How To Care For Cut Flowers

Here’s 3 simple ways to care for your cut flowers to prolong their vase life!

Want your cut flowers to last, but not quite sure what to do after receiving them or how to care for them properly? Here are 3 simple tips and tricks to care for and prolong your cut flower’s vase life!

#1 – Trim the ends

To further prolong the vase life of the cut flowers, trim around 3cm off their ends at a slanted angle (preferably 45 degrees), before putting them in a vase. This opens their pores, and helps them absorb water better!

#2 – Transfer cut flowers to a vase

Cut flowers presented as hand bouquets are usually only provided 1 to 2 days worth of water. So if you are not drying your flowers, it is best to transfer them into a vase with fresh water when possible.

Pro-Tip: Change the water every 2 to 3 days, and wash the vase thoroughly to prevent mosquito breeding.

#3 – Give your cut flowers a little boost

Each one of our floral deliveries are accompanied with a sachet of Chrysal Premium Flower Food, which is to be added to the water. By adding this into the water, it not only reduces the pH level in the water to encourage optimal water absorption, but also provides additional nutrients for the cut flowers to reach full bloom.

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