Personal Blend, a customised health supplement

You’ve probably heard of build-your-own-salad bowls, but did you know you can customise a blend of vitamins and supplements uniquely formulated for your nutritional needs? Dr Lau Pik Onn sheds some light on Personal Blend and explains why you may consider customising your own health supplement.

What is Personal Blend?

Personal Blend is a supplement made by ROEHR Pharmaceuticals according to European pharmaceutical manufacturing regulations and quality control, and backed by a revolutionary German technology called BioG™ MicroTabs. With Personal Blend, all essential nutrients a person requires are scientifically “shrunk” into micro-sized pellets that can be easily consumed.

How is it different from off-the-shelf supplements?         

Unlike other supplements, which have predetermined dosages that meet an average person’s health needs, Personal Blend is customised according to the individual person. Since all essential nutrients are found within Personal Blend, it is sufficient to consume just one dosage a day, which ensures no unnecessary burden to the liver and kidney due to over-supplementation. At 2mm by 2mm, the micro-sized tablets are easy to consume and readily absorbed by the body.

In addition, Personal Blend does not contain lactose, gluten, preservatives or artificial colouring and flavouring. It is also more cost-effective to purchase one supplement over multiple off-the-shelf ones.

Who is it suitable for?          

Since Personal Blend can be customised according to each individual’s needs, it is suitable and recommended for everyone. Gender, height, weight, genetic predispositions, metabolism, health history, medication intake and lifestyle choices all influence a person’s nutritional needs. Customised supplements ensure that individuals consume the right combination of nutrients according to his or her lifestyle, diet and health profile.

How will the doctor know what nutrients I require?

During the health screening consultation, you will be able to let your doctor know your concerns (such as tiredness, aches or if you’re unsure what supplements you need), and your doctor will then assess the nutrients you require. After the consultation and necessary tests – including those for blood and bone mass density – your doctor will customise your very own bottle of Personal Blend.

Are there any side effects from consuming Personal Blend?

It is generally safe for consumption across all ages. However, it is still necessary to seek proper advice from your doctor during the health screening consultation. It is also important to inform your doctor of any allergies and if you are pregnant, as certain types of ingredients may not be suitable.