Qiuqiu welcomes 2nd bundle of joy

“I miss my confinement… just for the food!” So said local celebrity lifestyle blogger Ang Chiew Ting – better known as QiuQiu – at her house in an interview with Celebrating Life. We last visited QiuQiu in 2015, shortly after the birth of her first child, and the bubbly woman was her usual candid self as she shared her experience of becoming a Thomson mummy for the second time.

QiuQiu delivered her second child Amelia in Thomson Medical in May, two years after she had her firstborn Meredith in the exact same room – a single-bedder suite in the Premier Ward.

“From Meredith to Amelia, I’ll always have fond memories of that room, and all the nurses who took such good care of us,” she said.

As she prepared for the photoshoot, her family was a radiant picture of bliss;  hubby Joshua Tan joined in on the fun with their two lovely girls.

Express delivery

However, the birth of little Amelia was not entirely smooth. Just one day before QiuQiu was scheduled to check herself in to induce delivery, her water bag broke and she had to rush to Thomson Medical in a taxi.

“I was in a blur until I reached the hospital, where the nurses and staff settled me down on the bed, all in less than five minutes. I was so impressed and thankful that I was safe!”

After giving birth to Amelia, who weighed in at a healthy 3.5 kilos, QiuQiu had another scare while breastfeeding her newborn. “She was latching and sucking well when she suddenly turned blue,” said QiuQiu. “I was shocked. The nurse quickly put an oxygen mask on her.”

Thankfully, Amelia only needed one night in the neonatal ICU to have excess fluid drained from her lungs.

Touched by angels

For QiuQiu, it is the sense of home and the caring touch that made her want to return to Thomson Medical for the birth of her second child.

“After I had Meredith, when I had to go to the toilet for the first time I was so scared that it would hurt, but the nurse kindly held my hand throughout,” she said.

“With Amelia, my back hurt so badly after giving birth – probably because of the epidural – that I couldn’t stand up or bend over. The nurses helped me go to the toilet, and even cleaned me up and changed my soiled garments. Their dedication is way beyond what I expected… thank you, Thomson Angels!”

A senior lactation consultant from Thomson ParentCraft Centre, also dropped by and coaxed QiuQiu to consume a bowl of TMC’s signature fish and green papaya soup before breastfeeding, which she happily obliged.

Comfort food

Of course, the fish and papaya soup wasn’t the only dish that had QiuQiu hooked on Thomson Medical’s food. “Staying at Thomson Medical is like joining a food trail,” she said with a smile. “There’s no lack of food options, and I get to choose what I want for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fermented soybean fish, vinegar pig trotter, spring onion and ginger chicken, braised pork slices… I loved them all!”

QiuQiu also took up Thomson Medical’s confinement food home delivery service, which delivers hot lunch and dinner daily in insulated containers.

“I like that the confinement menu is carefully designed for the recovering mum,” she said. “The food in the first cycle (days 1 to 10) is easy to digest, rich in iron to replenish blood lost during childbirth, and has less salt to relieve water retention. By the time we start the second cycle (days 11 to 28), the body is ready to absorb more tonics, so the food becomes more ‘power-packed’ in both taste and herbs. So yes… the best thing about confinement for me was definitely the food!”

Caring at home and beyond

While QiuQiu was resting in her ward, a physician from Thomson Chinese Medicine came to check her pulse and assess her health.

“I got a confinement herbal care pack that is specially tailored based on my condition to help me recover from the entire pregnancy process,” said QiuQiu. “It’s all packed in sachets and capsules, so it’s really convenient for me.”

Within 48 hours of being discharged, QiuQiu received a phone call from a “Thomson Angel” to check how mummy and baby were coping at home. She also got a call from a lactation consultant one month after her discharge.

On top of that, QiuQiu also received a Thomson Medical Confinement Essentials luggage, which contains Thomson Medical’s specially curated confinement cookbook, wet wipes, breast pads, a hip and belly wrap, sanitary pads, and other useful items.

For Amelia and Meredith, QiuQiu’s trusted paediatrician is Dr Eugene Han from Thomson Paediatric Centre. “Dr Han is patient with all our queries. I know that he will care for my girls just like how Thomson has cared for me all these years.”



  • Attend ParentCraft courses

“First-time parents, do yourself a favour and attend ParentCraft courses. They have helped me a lot. It will also help your parents or your helper. Even if they have prior experience, this will refresh their memory and increase their confidence in caring for the baby.”

  • Enjoy the process

“The first two to three months [after the baby’s birth] will be more difficult because you’ll need to feed and change baby a lot, but it’ll be over before you know it. Remember to take lots of videos and photos, because they grow up so fast.”

  • Rest and recover

“You need to be healthy in order to keep your baby healthy. The confinement period is essential for you to recuperate and regain vitality. This is especially so for mummies who want to have another baby in the future.”