Activities for the school holidays

Running out of ideas on what to do with the kids during the weekends or holidays? They can pick up some new skills with these fun activities

Martial Arts

Channel your kids’ energy into martial arts – they will not only learn a sport and a means of self-defence, but also build self-confidence and discipline. Kids from age 4 can get kicking, punching and blocking with karate in a fun and non-competitive environment at The Little Gym ( Older children can go more intense with Muay Thai training at JR Muay Thai (, which offers lessons for kids ages 6 to 10. Muay Thai training will also get your kids moving and improve coordination, agility and motor skills. Check out the Little Samurai Children’s Programme at Evolve MMA ( if your child wants a mix of different martial arts.


In this tech-saturated world, more parents are seeing the value of sending their children for coding classes to hone problem-solving skills and practice patience. Kids as young as 5 can learn to create simple games and animations with a children’s coding class. Places such as Saturday Kids ( offer weekend workshops or holiday camps that give children the chance to tinker with programmes like Scratch, Python and littleBits electronics, experiment with codes and encourage them to work independently. Further equip them with skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with a robotics programme at WondersWork (, where students use LEGO bricks to improve fine motor skills and practise critical thinking.


Kids can get their hands dirty and gain an appreciation for ceramics at pottery workshops for children. Venture into the Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle (, which houses the Dragon Kiln – a brick-built kiln for wood-firing that was built in the 1940s and is known as one of the oldest surviving kilns in Singapore – for a hands-on experience session just for kids. Let their creative juices flow as they make their very own masterpieces and learn how to express themselves through art. To further develop your child’s creativity, sensory skills and pick up more advanced pottery techniques, visit the Clay Cove ( for its numerous programmes catering to kids ages 5 to 14.