Taking photos of your newborn

Want to photograph your baby like a pro and build an album to cherish? Jen Pan, who photographs newborns, reveals clever tricks for capturing those heart-melting shots.


  1. Use a single or dual colour cloth to lay or swaddle the baby. You can also use a cloth with minimal prints so that the attention is drawn to the child’s face.
  2. Collect photos over time as babies’ features change very quickly. A good timeline: one day old, 15 days, one month, three months and between six to nine months when they can sit up. This way, you can see the changes at every step of your child’s growth.
  3. Tap on natural daylight and place your baby at a 45-degree angle from the window. This allows shadows and highlights to show the contours on their faces. For best results, use curtains to diffuse the natural light.
  4. Use simple accessories to style the image, like a single tone coloured headband for girls and a small bowtie for boys. Do not put babies in baskets or bowls. These are done by professional photographers trained to do this safely.
  5. Try a quick shoot when baby is calmer, such as after a full meal or when they’ve just woken from a long sleep.
  6. Avoid using your handphone camera flash as it can irritate the baby.
  7. Achieve a clean white image during editing by keeping the ISO at 100 or 200, aperture below f4 and slightly overexposing the image, if you are using camera apps that allow manual adjustment.