The Detox Tea

Throughout the day, our body is exposed to countless of toxins and pollutants in the air, water and even the food that we eat. Our liver and colon work tirelessly to flush these toxins out and keep our body in balance. Hence, it is important to keep these vital organs healthy.

Over time, toxin build-up in the colon could lead to poor absorption of nutrients, a weaker digestive system and affect weight management. Tea detox blend is often used as natural support for the body, removing harmful toxins and clearing the digestive system so that the body can increase metabolism, absorb better nutrients and improve general well-being.

Detox tea usually contains ingredients that are rich in antioxidant to aid cleansing of the digestive tract and allows for waste to pass through and out of the body easily. It is thus often marketed as a weight loss supplement.

However, it is important to take note of the source of the blend as well as the ingredients that are used. Tea blends from unknown sources may have added compounds or vitamins that may cause unwanted side effects or are unsafe for long term consumption.

Detox tea should not be consumed as a replacement for meals or as a substitute for medicine. If you have a health condition or allergy, or if you are pregnant, it is always better to check with your doctor or nutritionist before taking the tea.

It is also important to remember that the effects of detox tea may vary for different individuals. Some people may experience significant changes in their body while some may feel that detox tea is generally ineffective in helping them to feel detoxed and lose weight.


Dried burdock root is a common ingredient used in detox blends. The Burdock plant can be identified by its dense array of purple flowers with round, prickly heads. Dried Burdock has a variety of protective and strengthening properties. It is used throughout history as a diuretic (promotes production of urine), diaphoretic (encourage production of sweat and perspiration), and a blood purifying agent. The numerous antioxidants in dried burdock protect the liver and flush out toxic chemicals.

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