Water Birthing

Water birth is popular among women who prefer a natural childbirth without the use of epidural or medication, and who see the buoyancy of a warm water environment as a gentle way to support their birthing experience. Water birth has also been known to be less stressful on the mother and child.

Photo Credit: @baby_choy (https://www.instagram.com/baby_choy/)

Why did you choose a water birth?

Choy Wan: I read many positive stories about it online. I liked the idea of the water as a protective bubble for the mother, and that it is a calm way to bring a baby into the world as the environment of the warm water mimics the same floating sensation in the womb. I also intended to have a drug-free birth, and that goes hand-in-hand with a water birth experience.

Can you describe your experience?

Choy Wan: It was quite intense, as I was already 10cm dilated when I reached Thomson. Twenty minutes after checking in, I went into the birthing tub. The surges were very intense, but the feeling of the water ‘protecting’ me was truly comforting. Especially the moments in between when I had to catch my breath and wait for the next surge to begin. It was beautiful to welcome my son into the world that way, and have a tribe of people supporting me along, namely my husband Michael, my doula and the wonderful Thomson nurses.

Any words of advice for mummies considering a
water birth?

Choy Wan: Keep an open and positive mind, free yourself from expectations and fear, and all will be well. It is a wonderful way to deliver your baby – the water really offers a degree of comfort that is unlike anything else. I would choose a water birth again if I plan to have another child. I would also advise preparing your body for the birthing process – practise breathing exercises, try ‘spinning baby’ classes, and go for chiropractic sessions to balance the body and get it healthy for childbirth. All these helped me enjoy a quick and smooth water birth.