Registration for admission is done at the 24-hour Patient Service Centre located in the Hospital Lobby. If you have not pre-registered, you are required to complete the necessary registration documentation.

We can only confirm the availability of your preferred room type on the day of admission. If we are unable to provide the room type of your choice at the time of admission, we will transfer you to your preferred room choice once it becomes available.

What to bring for admission registration?
  1. Admission Letter from your doctor
  2. Identity Card
  3. Birth Certificate (for patients below 12 years of age)
  4. Passport (if you are a foreigner)
  5. Spouse to produce item (b) or (d) for maternity cases
  6. Original Marriage Certificate (if you are registering the birth of your baby at the hospital)
  7. Letter of Guarantee from your company/insurance company (if applicable).
    If your company/insurance company has direct billing arrangements with the hospital, you must provide the hospital with a letter of guarantee/hospitalisation card from your company/insurance company. Your name, Identity Card/Passport number and room type must be stated. A letter of guarantee from your company/insurance company that does not contain credit arrangements with the hospital will not be accepted.
Admission Time

Delivery And Paediatric Cases

Your doctor will advise you on the check-in time for admission.

Elective Surgery And Day Surgery

Admission registration should be done two hours before the time of surgery. To avoid unnecessary delays, please be punctual so that admission procedures and any required tests may be completed ahead of the surgery.

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