Discharge Procedures | Thomson Medical

We will make arrangements to have your hospital bill processed once your doctor has certified you fit for discharge.

Please note that discharge procedures usually take about 1.5 hours from then.
Our staff will inform you when your bill is ready. You may then proceed to the Patient Services Centre to settle your bill.

Discharge Time

The hospital’s discharge time is 11:00am. For discharges after 11:00am and/or before 6:00pm, an additional half-day room rate will be levied. A full-day room rate will be levied for discharges after 6:00pm.

Patient Evaluation Questionnaire

We would appreciate if you could spare a few moments before your discharge to complete the Patient Evaluation Questionnaire. Your feedback is valuable for us to improve our services to our patients.

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Send off by nurse

Before discharge from Thomson Medical Centre, our nursery staff will confirm your baby’s identity with you, present you with your baby’s Health Booklet, provide instructions for discharge, and assist you to carry your baby to the front lobby. We believe in creating delightful experiences for you, every step of the way.

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Call From An Angel

Our philosophy of care extends to maternity patients and their families even after they have been discharged from our hospital. A Thomson Angel will give you a call within 48 hours, as well as one month from discharge, to follow up on how you are coping with your new baby, and if you need further assistance with breastfeeding.