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Fetal Assessment Unit

The Fetal Assessment Unit (FAU) provides a one-stop obstetric ultrasound and pre-natal diagnostic service for pregnant women who wish to be assured of the well-being of their babies. This unit is the first dedicated unit in a private hospital in Singapore and is managed by a Consultant Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist and is assisted by a team of experienced and dedicated sonographers.

Our Fetal Assessment services include:

  • First Trimester Pre-Eclampsia Screening:

Pre-eclampsia is a serious pregnancy complication affecting 2 in 100 pregnancies. It is a common cause of preterm birth and intrauterine growth retardation. We are the 1st centre in Singapore to offer this screening which includes

– Specific blood test for PlGF*

– Blood pressure measurement

– Ultrasound examination

1st Trimester Pre-Eclampsia Screening and early treatment helps to prevent pre-eclampsia.

Consult your doctor and book an appointment with us for 1st Trimester Pre-Eclampsia Screening. Call us @ 63544115 or download our e-brochure for more information

  • One-stop Clinic for Assessment of Risk for Fetal Anomalies (OSCAR)

This is a first trimester option offered to all pregnant women as an earlier and more accurate method of screening for risk of fetal anomalies, in particular Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21).

  1. Screening for chromosomal defects in the first rather than the second trimester provides earlier reassurance for those with a normal result.
  2. The composite risk score will help you decide whether you want any invasive testing such as CVS or Amniocentesis.
  3. For those choosing this optional test, it will also be less traumatic if a termination is necessary.

What does OSCAR involve?
1. Ultrasound measurement of Nuchal Translucency (NT) at 11-13 weeks + 6 days gestation of the fetus.
2. A sample of the mother’s blood is analysed for levels of free beta hCG and PAPP-A (Pregnancy associated plasma Protein A).
Studies have shown that Down Syndrome is associated with
• Increased maternal age
• Increased fetal nuchal translucency thickness (NT)
• Increased maternal serum free beta-hCG and
• Decreased pregnancy-associated plasma protein A (PAPP-A) concentration

The detection rate of Trisomy 21 by this method would be about 90%, for a false positive rate of 5%. This is superior to the 65% by maternal age and second trimester serum biochemistry; and 80% detection rate by NT and maternal age in the first trimester.

For detailed information on OSCAR, please download our e-brochure.

  • 3D/4D Ultrasound Scans

Fancy taking a peek at your little bundle of joy? With our latest 3D/4D ultrasound scans, you are able to see your unborn child for the first time. A 3D ultrasound scan provides a photographic image of the baby while the 4D ultrasound scan provides a moving image of a baby.

At Fetal Assessment Unit, the 3D/4D ultrasound scans will be performed in a relaxed and comfortable environment by our experienced sonographers using state-of-the-art ultrasound systems.

A 2D scan will still be performed in conjunction with the 3D/4D scan to exclude anomaly and assess the growth of the baby. To experience this amazing and touching moment, just obtain a referral letter from your doctor and book an appointment with us at 6354 4115.

For detailed information on the 3D/4D scan, please download our e-brochure.

Other Services available at FAU include
• Ultrasound imaging for risk assessment of chromosomal abnormalities in the first trimester (Nuchal Translucency Measurement)
• Second trimester Fetal Anomaly (FA) Scanning
• Cervical Length Measurements for prediction of pre-term labour
• Uterine Doppler assessment for prediction of pre-eclampsia and poor fetal growth
• Ultrasound monitoring using Doppler colour flow imaging, as well as the
biophysical profile
• Amniocentesis
• Thalassaemia Studies
• Chorionic Villus Sampling
• Cordocentesis/Fetal Blood Sampling
• Multiple pregnancy (twins/triplets/quadruplets) fetal assessment

Here are some screening tests services recommended for different trimester, please do consult your doctor for advice on which screening test to take for your condition :

   1st Trimester:

  • First Trimester Pre-Eclampsia Screening
  • Either OSCAR (One-stop Clinic for Assessment of Risk for Fetal Anomalies ) or
  • NT plus NIPT – Panorama/Harmony
  • Chorionic Villus Sampling

    2nd Trimester:

  • Fetal Anomaly Scan –Obstetric Ultrasound (20 to 22 weeks)
  • Fetal Anomaly Scan with Uterine Doppler (20 to 22 weeks)
  • Cervical Length Assessment
  • Amniocentesis

    3rd Trimester

  • Obstetric ultrasound for Growth with Full Doppler to assess fetal growth and well-being
  • Obstetric ultrasound without Doppler to assess growth.
  • Biophysical Profile

Contact and locate us for your prenatal tests




  • 第一妊娠期子痫前症筛查:








  •  一站式胎儿异常风险评估服务 (OSCAR)


  1. 染色体异常筛查在第一妊娠期开展而非延迟到第二妊娠期尽早确保母婴健康。
  2. 开展全面综合风险评分,有助于确认是否需要绒毛膜取样术或羊膜穿刺术等创伤性检测。
  3. 及早检测与诊断胎儿异常,如需终止妊娠,对母亲带来的身心创伤也会相对减少。


  1. 孕11-13周+6天胎儿颈项透明层(NT)厚度超声波测量。
  2. 孕妇抽血检测游离绒毛膜促性腺激素与妊娠相关血浆蛋白A(PAPP-A)的水平。


  • 孕妇高龄
  • 胎儿颈项透明层(NT)过厚
  • 孕妇游离绒毛膜促性腺激素水平过高
  • 妊娠相关血浆蛋白A(PAPP-A)浓度过低



  • 3D/4D超声波扫描



与此同时,我们也会采用2D超声波扫描,精准评估胎儿发育情况。欢迎致电6354 4115,提供医生介绍信,预约本项目。




  • 第一妊娠期染色体异常超声波筛查与风险评估(胎儿颈项透明层厚度测量)
  • 第二妊娠期胎儿异常(FA)筛查
  • 测量宫颈长度预测早产可能性
  • 运用子宫多普勒超声波技术评估子痫前症与胎儿发育不良的可能性
  • 运用彩色多普勒血流成像技术开展超声波监测与胎儿生理活动评估
  • 羊膜穿刺术
  • 地中海贫血筛查
  • 绒毛膜取样术
  • 脐带穿刺术/胎儿血取样
  • 多胎妊娠(双胞胎/三胞胎/四胞胎)胎儿健康评估



  • 第一妊娠期子痫前症筛查
  • 一站式胎儿异常风险评估服务(OSCAR)或
  • 胎儿颈项透明层厚度测量(NT)加无创产前DNA检测——Panorama/Harmony
  • 绒毛膜取样术


  • 产科超声波胎儿异常筛查(第20至22周)
  • 子宫多普勒超声波胎儿异常筛查(第20至22周)
  • 宫颈长度评估
  • 羊膜穿刺术


  • 运用全套多普勒技术开展的胎儿发育与健康状况产科超声波评估
  • 胎儿发育产科超声波评估
  • 胎儿生理活动评估