To serve our obstetric patients better, we have launched the Ultragram mobile app to deliver fetal ultrasound scans in a new and efficient manner throughout their pregnancy.

This platform will be where Thomson Medical’s staff and patients can view, share and store the ultrasound images. Each patient will have her own personal account to access the fetal ultrasound images at her fingertips.

Moving away from hardcopy image scans or discs, patients will now be able to download and save the digital scans instantly to their device’s photo gallery, or even be shared directly via any social networking platforms that they have downloaded on their device.

In addition, the push notification feature will allow patients to be notified whenever new images have been uploaded. With Ultragram, all it takes is just a few clicks to share these images of joy with their family and friends.

Ultragram is exclusive to all mummies using Thomson Fetal Assessment Unit (FAU) services.

Please enquire with our friendly staff directly.