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Our Physicians’ Favourite TCM Tea

We asked our physicians to share with us their favourite TCM tea, which you can prepare at home for you and your family. Energise your body and relax your mind with these teas during this circuit breaker period.

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Published on 14 May 2020


By Thomson Team

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Our physicians share with us their favourite TCM tea, which you prepare at home for your and your family. These TCM teas can relax your mind and energise your body by nourishing Qi and improving digestion during this circuit breaker period.

Physician Chen Fang

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Favourite TCM tea: Ginger Tea 姜茶

Ingredients and benefits: “I put a tablespoon of ginger powder into a tea pack and steep in my thermo flask. Ginger has a warming property and helps to keep me warm in the cold clinic. I use it if I have any digestion issues too.”

Physician Ho Chin Ee

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Favourite TCM tea: Dendrodrium Nobile and Chrysanthemum Tea 石斛菊花茶

Ingredients and benefits: “Pack the ingredients into a tea bag and steep it in a thermal bottle with hot water.

I do extensive reading on gadgets, which causes a lot of dryness and discomfort to my eyes. This helps to soothe the eyes and is fairly tasty (for TCM tea that is). If you happen to pack the chrysanthemum flower separately from the dendrodrium nobile, you can even cool it in the fridge after use and do an “eye mask” at night!”

Physician Ho Wee Kok

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Favourite TCM tea: American Ginseng Water 西洋参茶

Ingredients and benefits: “Add a few slices of raw American Ginseng into a thermal flask with hot water. You may mix with a few slices of ginger to neutralize the cooling characteristic of American Ginseng.

It can help you to keep fresher during the daytime, as the American Ginseng can enrich the Qi as well as nourish the Yin.

Note: This tea may not be suitable for women trying to conceive as American Ginseng may interfere with ovulation by creating a functional cyst.”

Physician Jun Negoro

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Favourite TCM tea: Sesame Latte 黑芝麻拿铁

Ingredients and benefits: “Mix 1 tablespoon of grounded black sesame and marine collagen and some honey to hot soymilk.

I love to have this nutty flavoured drink for breakfast. Black sesame can nourish the Kidney and Liver Yin and Blood for healthy hair and skin.

Note: Sesame seeds have a natural lubricating effect. Hence it is also good for those with constipation. Those who tend to get loose stools should refrain from taking too much daily.”

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