Touch is the physical expression of love and it is especially critical for babies. Baby massage aims to encourage parent-child bonding and encourage body awareness, coordination and motor development. Massage can also alleviate infant gas and colic and help calm your baby, promoting a more peaceful sleep.

Conducted by our experienced ParentCraft specialist, parents will learn all the necessary skills required to give their baby massages at home. The programme also teaches about motor developmental milestones in a child and how to modify massage techniques at various stages of growth.

We emphasize small class structure for a more personalized coaching. The baby should preferably be between 1-9 months old.

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TCM massage for children, also known as Xiao Er Tui Na, is a massage therapy that aims to promote health and well-being of our children without the need to consume medication. It is an ancient technique which involves the stimulation of unique acu-points to regulate energy flow within the meridians to improve natural organ functions.

Through such massage, our children’s body constitution can be improved without the need to consume medications. TCM Paediatric Massage uses simple techniques that emphasize on speed, strength and immunity to either build up the child’s natural immunity or to purge out pathogenic factors when the child is sick.

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