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Soothe your delivery with a water birth

Water birth is a popular birthing technique among women who prefer a natural childbirth without the use of epidural or medication, and who see the buoyancy of a warm water environment as a gentle way to support their birthing experience. Water birth has also been known to be less stressful on the mother and child.

Thomson Medical Centre is the only hospital in Singapore that provides the option of water birth.

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Embracing the benefits of water birth

Pain relief
Warm water helps ease labor pain and relax muscles
Water's buoyancy allows for easier movement and position changes during labor
Reduced stress
Immersion in warm water reduces stress and promotes relaxation
Lower blood pressure
Some mothers experience lower blood pressure in water, reducing risks
Water birth provides a private and intimate birthing environment
Reduced perineal trauma
Warm water can soften the perineum, potentially reducing tearing

Learn more about water birth at Thomson

Water birth tours are available for parents and parents-to-be who are interested in learning more about this technique and the facilities that support water birth at Thomson Medical Centre.
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Keen to find out more?

Book a water birth tour to explore our facilities, or speak with one of our specialists to discuss whether a water birth is suitable for you.