B.D.S (Singapore)

Dr Lim graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree from the National University of Singapore in 2005. During her undergraduate training, she was placed twice on Dean’s List and was awarded the NTUC, and IFDEA Medals.

She subsequently served as a dental officer in the National Dental Centre and the Singapore Armed Forces before entering private practice. In her years of practice, she encountered numerous patients who had avoided dental visits for many years, leading to prolonged dental neglect, only to find themselves in need of the very treatment that they feared.

She strongly believes that armed with proper knowledge, the majority of people can avoid uncomfortable and complicated dental procedures. Therefore, she places great importance on patient education and preventive treatment, and practices with a focus on individualized comprehensive care.

Outside of the clinic, Dr Lim enjoys spending time with her 2 cats, living vicariously through thrilling novels and television crime series, and has a minor obsession with solving word puzzles. Being a self-professed homebody, she is not especially bothered when parallels are drawn between herself and Dr Eleanor Abernathy. On the days that she does venture, it is usually to a laid-back café or the latest offering on the local food scene.

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