Plastic Surgery



  • Physician’s Dip. (Rio Grande do Sul), Post Graduate Cert. (Plastic Surgery, Brazil)
  • Specialist Cert. (Plastic Surgery, Brazil) TMSBCP (Plastic Surgery, Brazil)
  • Accredited Specialist Plastic Surgeon (Ministry of Health, Singapore)
Education and Training

Dr Marco Faria Correa graduated from the School of Medicine at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil in 1978. He completed his General Residency in 1982 followed by Plastic Surgery Residency in 1984 and completed his Microsurgery Fellowship in 1985. Dr Marco also did Hands and Microsurgery Fellowship in Japan 1989. In 2014, Dr Marco embarked his journey with Robotics where he obtained his online certificate with the da Vinci Surgical System , followed by  his training as a Console Surgeon in 2015 and obtained his Diploma in Robotic Surgery in Nancy, France in 2017.

Areas of Expertise

Being trained in General Surgery, Plastic Surgery & Microsurgery and now a Robotic Surgeon; Dr Marco has always been in the forefront for new skills and development.

In 1992, Dr Marco became the worldwide pioneer in Endoscopic Plastic Surgery for his work in Abdominoplasty, as well as Breast Reduction and Lifting.  His pioneering work especially in Endoscopy Abdominoplasty made him sensational worldwide well known that lead him to many international recognitions and awards and even won him the “Walter Scott Brown Award” in 1996.

Beside these Endoscopy surgeries, Dr Marco is also well known and famous for his Body Contouring surgery which includes liposuction, liposcuplture, standing liposcuplture, abdominoplasty and breast reduction and lifting.  He is also renowned for his facial rejuvenation techniques – in particular the 3-Dimensioanl facelift.

Having a special interest in abdominal wall deformities such as ventral hernias, umbilicus hernias, and always having in mind to minimize the length of scars for all his surgeries, Dr Marco once again made history by advancing his Endoscopy Abdominoplasty into Robotic Surgery. In 2015, he became the world leading plastic surgeon to perform the repair of the muscles aponeurotic plication surgery using the da vinci robotic surgical system. This surgery is also commonly known as Abdominoplasty / Tummy Tuck.

Dr Marco is an active member with many International Plastic Surgery Societies and the Asia Hernia Pacific Hernia Society. He is also appointed as ISAPS Education Council representative for Australia Pacific Region for training and education.

Research & Teaching

Dr Marco Faria Correa earlier research involves the development of endoscopy in plastic surgery and till now, he is still actively involves in many other research projects. He has published over 100s of scientific papers, articles and journals and has presented in more than 500 presentations in conferences. He is actively invited to perform workshops as well as performing live surgeries for education and training among the doctors. His continuous exploration and constant developments have won him numerous international awards for his contribution in Plastic Surgery.

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