Congratulations on your bundle of joy!

In collaboration with Cryoviva and ProMama, SmartParents is proud to present the second edition of Pregnancy: A New Beginning for 2019 Mothers-to-Be. Our official hospital partner, Thomson Medical have also put together a special 40th Anniversary programme for new parents.

This programme aims to strengthen the mind set of parents-to-be and empower them with fundamental learnings, assisting their families into parenthood. Pregnancy is a journey that requires preparation and emotional support from your family. For 40 years, Thomson Medical have met many parents-to-be who frequently panic, primarily due to a lack of mental preparation during their pregnancy phase.
The Thomson Medical family have curated this programme for Pregnant Women, aiming to:

  • Prepare mothers-to-be with a strong mindset on breastfeeding your baby
  • Impart fundamental learnings on the different trimesters for mothers-to-be
  • Educate mothers-to-be on the potential blindsides during their pregnancy journey

As limited seats are made available for 19 JAN 2019, SATURDAY, we advise interested parties to book your tickets early. For more information, contact