Post-delivery, many women face frustrations during their maternity break. The reality only sinks in when new parents:

  • Are given conflicting confinement practices by parents, nannies and friends
  • Face difficulties in breastfeeding their infant

Mothers want the best for their babies and may not know how or where to go to get themselves prepared for when the baby arrives.

Confinement Practices and Breastfeeding requires preparation and emotional support from your family. We have developed a workshop for Pregnant Women, aiming to:

  • Educate families on confinement practices & debunking the myths
  • Equip new mothers-to-be with knowledge and confidence on baby care and breastfeeding
  • Impart the correct techniques & positions to breastfeed your baby

SmartParents is proud to present this specially curated programme featuring Physician Seah Ai Wei, Head of Thomson Chinese Medicine, Thomson Mummy Cheryl Wee and the Thomson Parentcraft Lactation Consultants featuring Ms Chen Liqin. These experts are proud mothers who have experienced confinement practices, breastfeeding and have educated thousands of mothers on the importance of breastfeeding and baby care. This programme focuses on mothers-to-be, providing knowledge and confidence while they prepare & strengthen their mindset for post-delivery challenges.