4 May 2019 (Sat)

All Things Confinement 2019

SmartParents proudly presents the 5th edition of All Things Confinement on 4th May 2019 and welcomes all soon-to-be parents to join us for an afternoon of…

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10 Apr 2019 (Wed)  •  This is a past event.

Your Woman Matters (CME accredited GP dialogues)

Dear GP Doctors, you are cordially invited to our CME. Please RSVP by 5 April 2019 with the following: Participant Name: MCR No: Mobile:…

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30 Mar 2019 (Sat)  •  This is a past event.

Prep your Next Step: Post-Delivery

Post-delivery, many women face frustrations during their maternity break. The reality only sinks in when new parents: Are given conflicting confinement practices by parents,…

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19 Jan 2019 (Sat)  •  This is a past event.

Pregnancy: A New Beginning 2019

Congratulations on your bundle of joy! In collaboration with Cryoviva and ProMama, SmartParents is proud to present the second edition of Pregnancy: A New…

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3 Nov 2018 (Sat)  •  This is a past event.

The Weaning Formula 2018

The 3rd Edition of “The Weaning Formula” is back! This is the go-to Seminar in November, especially for Parents with Babies that are Ready…

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29 Sep 2018 (Sat)  •  This is a past event.

My Pregnancy My Way 2018

Your bundle of joy is the most wonderful & exciting event that will change your life. The journey is often overwhelming for first-time parents…

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19 Aug 2018 (Sun)  •  This is a past event.

Breastmilk: A Winning Formula for Life

Dear Mothers-To-Be, Congratulations on your pregnancy! For close to 40 years, Thomson Medical has assisted many women Celebrate Life into motherhood. Breastfeeding is an…

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21 Jul 2018 (Sat)  •  This is a past event.

Pregnancy Made Easy 2018

Dear Mummies-to-be, Congratulations on your Pregnancy! Join Thomson Medical’s Maternity Experts as they educate you on your stages of labour & the difference between…

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2 Jun 2018 (Sat)  •  This is a past event.

Understanding IVF Treatment

Join us for an afternoon as our experts from Thomson Fertility Centre and Thomson Chinese Medicine share on the science behind IVF and how…

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19 May 2018 (Sat)  •  This is a past event.

All Things Confinement 2018

Having a baby is one of the most wonderful, exciting, life changing events of your life. It might be a daunting and overwhelming journey,…

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14 Apr 2018 (Sat)  •  This is a past event.

Our IVF Journey – An In House Support Group

About 1 in 6 couples are affected by infertility and more couples than you think go through IVF every year. Yet, many struggle in…

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24 Mar 2018 (Sat)  •  This is a past event.

Pregnancy: A New Beginning 2018

Pregnancy: A New Beginning is gives all new parents-to-be to a memorable session of informative and interactive activities! During this seminar, experts from Thomson…

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