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1. Can my spouse or family members accompany me for the full-day session?

The full-day session is from 7.30am to 4.30pm (subject to changes), inclusive of breakfast, lunch and tea break.

To respect the privacy of other patients and minimise disruption to the program schedule, it is not recommended to have your spouse or family members accompany you for the full-day session.

2. Do I need to fast before the full-day session?

Yes, please fast from midnight on the day of your appointment for the full-day session, as you will need to take one fasting blood glucose reading at the start of the program, before breakfast is served.

3. Do I have to stay for the full day session?

The program has been designed to address the essential elements of controlling your gestational diabetes and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Staying for the full day session will thus allow you to reap maximum benefits.

In the event that you need to leave the session early, please note that no refund (whether full or partial) will be provided. In addition, Medisave claims for this program require a minimum 8 hour stay.

4. I understand that I will be given a personalised report at the end of the program. Do I need to show this report to my obstetrician?

Your personalised report and medical information belong to you, and you have a choice as to who you share it with. However, it would be helpful for your care team to be aware of all aspects of your health so that they have an integrated and holistic view to give you the best care.

5. Can I use my Medisave to cover the fees?

Medisave can be used at a maximum withdrawal limit of S$450 per day with a minimum 8 hour stay, and is only valid on the fees for the HOPE Program for Gestational Diabetes and same-day Specialist Review (only if required).

For the remaining payment, it can be paid by cash, debit or credit methods.

6. Are my FBI/SBI Membership Benefits applicable for this program?

No, the services under the Obstetrics Assessment Unit is not covered under the FBI/SBI Membership Benefits for Obstetrics & Gynaecology. For more information on your FBI/SBI Membership, please email


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