Just for 2020 Mummies, Thomson Medical has specially put together eco-friendly essentials that are made with natural ingredients, sustainably produced or biodegradable, so that you can go green as you welcome your child into this world.

At Thomson Medical, we want to work with you to create a better tomorrow for you and your children.

Your ‘Green Essentials’ comprises:

  1. Jute bag
  2. Nursing bra
  3. Reusable wet bag & Essence of chicken
  4. Eco-friendly diapers
  5. Plant-based wipes
  6. Baby cleansing set
  7. Foldable shopping bag & Huaxia Taimaobi voucher
  8. Cookies for nursing mums
  9. Milestone cards
  10. Baby skin care
  11. Mineral pool swim session & bath set
  12. Wheat cutlery set & baby’s full month pastries gift set
  13. Food grade liquid cleanser
  14. Canvas tote
  15. Adult body wipes
  16. Sanitary pads

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Don’t forget to hashtag #GreenEssentials and tag us @thomsonmedical

The ‘Green Essentials’ bundle is a joint initiative supported by the hospital’s partners. Unfortunately, because of unprecedented manufacturing and shipping disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, some of our partners’ sampling products or gifts that are produced in China and the US are unavailable during this period. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience.



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