• Go Cashless | Using Insurance for Surgery

Using insurance for surgery should be as easy as ABC. As long as you have an Integrated Shield Plan and a full rider* that covers you for private hospitals, no payment is needed at admission or discharge.

Call/WhatsApp 9-THOMSON (9-846-6766) or email contact@thomsonmedical.com to find out if your insurance plan covers you for Thomson Medical surgery bill.

*Terms and conditions apply.


  • Go Cashless | Admission and Discharge

Using insurance for surgery should be as easy as ABC. You can be admitted at Thomson Medical Centre and Go Cashless at admission or discharge.

To find out how using insurance for your surgery bills is as easy as ABC, Call/WhatsApp 9-THOMSON (9-846-6766) or email contact@thomsonmedical.com to find out if your insurance plan covers you for Thomson Medical surgery bill.

The following Integrated Shield Plans are eligible for private hospital stay in Thomson Medical Centre:

  • AIA Health Shield Gold Max A
  • Aviva MyShield Plan 1
  • Great Eastern SupremeHealth P Plus
  • NTUC Enhanced IncomeShield Preferred
  • Prudential PRUShield Plan A Premier
  • AXA Shield Plan A
  • Raffles Shield Private

We also accept letter of guarantee issued by foreign insurers who have a direct billing arrangements with Thomson Medical Centre.

  • CIGNA Global Health Benefits
  • BUPA Insurance Limited
  • Aetna International
  • Allianz Worldwide Care
  • United Healthcare International, Inc.
  • Euro-Center (Thailand) Co., Ltd
  • Henner International
  • Asia Assistance Network (M) Sdn Bhd


  • Go Cashless | Thomson Medical surgery bill size

Thomson Medical, a leading hospital in Singapore known for obstetrics and gynaecology and paediatrics. Based on our past data, Thomson Medical sees patients regularly for the following conditions.

Type of ConditionsProcedures | TreatmentsAverage Length of StayIntegrated Shield Plan with Full Rider
Ovarian CystOvarian Cystectomy2
Irregular BleedingHysteroscopy, Diagnostic, D&CDay Case
Breast LumpBreast Lump (Single) Excision BiopsyDay Case
Uterine FibroidsUterus, Fibroids, Myomectomy2
Breast Tumor (Malignant)Simple Mastectomy3
*Terms and conditions apply. In the event of any dispute based on the facts listed in the table above, Thomson Medical reserves the right to have the final say. The data collected include records of our Thomson Medical patients. Average length of stay is based on historical data and is not applicable to every patient. The length of stay depends on various reasons including but not limited to doctor’s advice, patient’s recovery, severity of condition(s) and other factors.


  • Documents Required

Letter of Guarantee

An electronic Letter Of Guarantee (e-LOG) may be provided by your private insurer. Through e-LOG, the hospital will waive admission deposits up to the stated limit and may vary according to your Integrated Shield Plan type. This will help you to minimise upfront payment.

Upon discharge, the hospital will collect the difference between the amount stated in the e-LOG and the hospital bill, as well as any expenses that were incurred AND not covered under your policy (e.g. companion charges).

The hospital will collect the full deposit of the estimated surgery bill on admission unless a cashless application has been approved in writing 3-5 working days prior to admission. Submission of the credit card authorisation form will be required since the final payable amount for the claim may be different from the approved amount in this Letter of Guarantee for Waiver of Deposit.

If you need quick clarification on a shield plan whilst at Thomson Medical Centre, visit our Patient Service Centre or call/WhatsApp 9-THOMSON (9-846-6766) to check your eligibility for a cashless admission.

Alternatively, if you need to speak to an insurance personnel, please WhatsApp our insurance partner- AVIVA at 9-238-7393, or approach an AVIVA rep at their booth located at the first floor of Thomson Medical Centre (from Monday – Saturday during business hours).

Payment of Hospital Bills

Typically your insurance provider will take between 6-8 weeks to assess your claim. They may need more time to assess your claim if they seek further enquiry on your bill. Once your claim is approved and payment is processed and received by our Business Office, we will process the refund to you as soon as possible.

During your stay in the hospital, you may periodically receive interim bills for partial settlement. All bills must be settled before leaving the hospital and through the following modes:

  • NETS
  • VISA
  • Master Card
  • Cash
* Terms and conditions apply.
Part of the information is extracted from Ministry of Health, MediShield Life and is repurposed for this page.

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