Ovarian cysts are sac-like pockets of fluid that grow inside or on your ovaries. They are commonly formed during ovulation and are usually harmless and benign. Though these cysts usually go away on their own without treatment, a cyst becomes a problem when it doesn’t go away or gets bigger.
While a pelvic exam can detect the presence of these cysts, an ultrasound test will allow your doctor to assess the shape, size, location of the cyst and determine whether it is filled with fluid or soft tissue.

Common symptoms are:

  • Pelvic pain
  • Sharp or dull pain that comes and go
  • Pain during bowel movements or when there is pressure on your bowels
  • Bloatedness
  • Nausea, vomiting or breast tenderness (similar to that experienced during pregnancy)
  • Fullness or heaviness in your abdomen
  • Frequently urination or having difficulty emptying your bladder completely

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  • 小腹疼痛
  • 腹部间歇性的剧烈疼痛或隐痛
  • 排便时疼痛或有压力感
  • 腹部肿胀
  • 恶心、呕吐或乳房胀痛(与孕期反应相似)
  • 腹部鼓胀或沉重感
  • 尿频或尿不尽

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