For thousands of years, Asian women have practised the tradition of post-natal confinement, which usually lasts between 28 to 40 days.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) regards the body as a complete existence of Qi (energy) and blood. When a woman gives birth, TCM believes that the loss of blood and transformation of her body throughout pregnancy and childbirth results in her body needing extensive care and replenishment.

Confinement foods and herbs help new mums recover by revitalising and replenishing blood flow as well as Qi. They also boost milk supply and uterus recovery.

As the body is more vulnerable after childbirth, new mums usually get their mother or mother-in-law to help care for their own and baby’s needs. These include preparing and cooking food for the new mum, as well as cleaning up the kitchen. Many new mums also enlist the help of a practised caregiver during this period.

At Thomson, we understand labour and want to make confinement a breeze for you. Hence, we were the first to offer confinement services along with medical care.

You can recuperate under the care of our confinement nannies while regaining strength and vitality with nourishing confinement foods. You can also choose confinement herbs to augment your recovery.

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