Thomson Breast Centre continues to operate during the COVID-19 period, for patients who have suspected breast lumps or breast conditions requiring medical attention. Breast screening for patients without symptoms will be deferred. 


Thomson Breast Centre (TBC) is a one-stop surgical breast centre dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of all breast-related concerns. Situated within Thomson Medical Centre, Thomson Breast Centre taps on the hospital’s expertise in women’s health and technology with easy referrals to our specialist network, imaging services and support from in-house Lactation Consultants.

Breast Screening

For ladies aged 40 and above, a yearly mammogram screening is recommended to detect early signs of breast cancer. For those above age 50, this should be reduced to once every 2 years. Some specialists may recommend a supplementary ultrasound as well.


A mammogram uses X-rays to detect for calcium spots in the breasts – which may be a sign of early cancer. Calcium spots may also be due to many other non-cancerous causes. This should not be done during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

During the X-ray, a female radiographer will place your breast between two flat plastic plates and compress for a few seconds. This is performed on one breast at a time. There may be some discomfort but it is important for the breast tissue to be compressed for a clearer image. Additional views may be needed for close examination. Talk to your breast specialist at the clinic review to understand the findings.


Ultrasound is the same technology used to monitor the baby during pregnancy, thus it is safe for use. It is useful in detecting lumps, and for checking if a lump is solid or cystic (“water”). Most specialists do not use ultrasound as a screening, as most of such lumps detected are not cancerous; while a lump that is cancerous may be at an advanced stage, as compared to cancer detected by mammogram method.

Breast Infections & Breastfeeding Complications

Breast infections, such as mastitis or abscess, commonly occur during breastfeeding in pregnant ladies. This inflammation of the breast is usually caused by plugged milk ducts, cracked nipples or when bacteria transfers from the baby’s mouth. Consult a doctor promptly if your breast is red, hot and tender, or if you have flu-like symptoms with a temperature.

Breast Cancer Surgery & Treatment

The primary symptom of breast cancer is a lump or hard mass in the breast tissue. However, not all breast lumps are cancerous, and should be evaluated and treated by a specialist. There are various forms of treatments based on the type of cancer and patient’s conditions – speak to a specialist to determine the suitable treatment option for you.

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Other Breast Conditions

Most common breast problems are not caused by breast cancer. If you experience breast pain, lump/hardness, itch or nipple discharge, consult a doctor for treatment and uncover potential issues at the early stage.

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