Wellness refers to a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. Thomson Wellth Clinic is a health and wellness concept by Thomson Medical Group that delivers upstream healthcare services and products to all patrons, at all stages of their lives. Staying true to the group’s commitment to achieve excellence in all that we do, Thomson Wellth Clinic strives to be the leading advocate of overall well-being.

Our flagship Thomson Wellth Clinic in Paragon Medical Centre, is a one-stop lifestyle clinic that adopts a holistic approach to the provision of strategic choices that help people look good, feel good and perform well. Thomson Wellth Clinic (Paragon) provides a comprehensive range of services, seamlessly integrated for maximum convenience.

Thomson Wellth Clinic offers a range from preventive care services including health screening and referrals to specialist care where required. Thomson Wellth Clinic also offers medical aesthetic treatments and facial massage therapies, along with diagnostic radiology services. Thomson Musculoskeletal Clinic sits within Thomson Wellth Clinic and provides consultation and treatment for musculoskeletal injuries.

Products such as customised vitamin and health supplement formulation based on individual’s nutritional needs are also available at Thomson Wellth Clinic to boost the state of health and performance. Thomson Wellth Clinic has developed a range of pre-blend supplements that consist of Bone & Joint Health, Urinary Tract Health and Advanced Cholesterol Support. Unlike others, Thomson Wellth’s pre-blend supplements come in the form of MicroTabs – tablets which are 2mm by 2mm in size. Created using patented German technology, these MicroTabs are easy to consume and readily absorbed into the body.

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