While we all recognise that breast is best, the most common challenge faced by breastfeeding mothers is ensuring an adequate milk flow for their babies’ nutritional requirements.

Deliveries leave mothers exhausted, especially for those who experience long labour. Wakeful babies who demand feeding frequently in the night often prevent mothers from taking their much needed rest. It has been clearly documented that such tiredness can lead to a decrease in the mothers’ milk supply.

How to Increase Milk Supply

In order to succeed in breastfeeding, you should

  • eat a healthy, well-balanced diet
  • stimulate hormone secretion by massaging the breast
  • position your baby correctly for proper attachment of the baby
  • have a hot, nutritional soup. A hot soup before breastfeeding is known for its galactogogue properties i.e. increasing the nursing mother’s milk supply and helping to achieve the goal of total breastfeeding.

Why Soups?

  • A piping hot soup enhanced with nutritious ingredients taken before breastfeeding increases the vascularity in blood vessels leading to enhanced milk flow.
  • A protein-rich soup enhanced with nutritious fresh ingredients is needed to build-up and maintain health to every part of the body. The glandular tissue of the breasts is capable of selecting from the blood in the breast the necessary nutrients for the formation and preparation of milk. Thus, the level of essential vitamins, minerals and folate in the breast milk will depend on the intake by the mother.
  • A nutritious soup also provides energy for milk production.
  • Soups provide the necessary fluids. Breast milk consists of 87.2% water.

Non-breastfeeding Mothers Can Benefit Too!

Nutritious protein-rich soups are ideal for providing the necessary protein, vitamins and minerals to nurse confinement mothers who have just delivered back to health.

For maximum effectiveness, the Soups-For-Mom programme is packaged with your daily meals during your stay with us.

For Vegetarians

Mothers who are vegetarians can also successfully breastfeed their babies if there is adequate intake of vegetable protein from various sources. The milk of some vegetarian mothers may be low in vitamin B12. For this reason, a supplement should be taken.


If you are a smoker, do your best to STOP. There is significant passage of nicotine into breast milk. In the very least, DO NOT SMOKE in the baby’s presence, just before or while breastfeeding. DO NOT permit others to smoke while baby is present.

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