Staying safe has always been a priority for every mummy with a newborn, which is much more evident in current times.

This is why Thomson Medical has specially put together the ‘Stay Safe Essentials’ for all 2021 Mummies. Packed with useful mum and baby products to keep you and your newborn safe, Thomson Medical understands your concerns as parents as we help you stay safe together.

Your ‘Stay Safe Essentials’ comprises:

  1. Reusable jute bag
  2. Essence of chicken
  3. Probiotics
  4. Vitamin C
  5. Nose hygiene spray for baby
  6. Disposable masks & Huaxia Taimaobi voucher
  7. Anti-viral hand cream
  8. Hand sanitiser
  9. Anti-bacterial disinfectant
  10. Scented hand sanitiser
  11. Hand sanitiser holder & mineral pool swim session
  12. Alcohol wipes, insect repellent wipes, antiseptic wipes & food contact wipes
  13. Aviva Gift & Aviva’s MyJoyfulBundle insurance coverage
  14. Breast pump & breast milk storage container
  15. Nursing bra
  16. Breast pads
  17. Cookies for nursing mums
  18. Breast milk storage bags
  19. Night pads
  20. Eco-friendly fashion diapers
  21. Cleansing set
  22. Wet wipes
  23. Skin care (Set of Baby Wash & Lotion )
  24. Food grade liquid cleanser
  25. Newborn Mittens
  26. Baby’s full month pastries gift set & exclusive promo codes for Choz, Kim Paradise and Neo Garden orders

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