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Children's Health

Thomson Chinese Medicine is a TCM clinic in Singapore that offers gentle, holistic paediatric massage therapy for children between 6 months and 6 years old. Our treatments, combined with herbal packs for external use, aim to improve your children’s health—improving their delicate constitution and reducing their tendency to fall sick.

Our aim is to bolster your child's health, strengthen their constitution, and reduce their susceptibility to illness, providing a natural path to better health for your little ones.

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Paediatric Massage

At Thomson Chinese Medicine, we offer paediatric massage, a specialised form of massage therapy designed specifically for children. Our skilled physicians examine pulse and tongue conditions to gain a deeper understanding of your child's needs.

During paediatric massage sessions, our physicians utilise gentle strokes targeted at pressure points, focusing mainly on the hands, limbs, and back. These techniques include gentle strokes, kneading, rubbing, and acupressure, all tailored to your child's unique needs. Our physicians are adept at using a combination of gentle massage, body manipulation, and acupressure to improve blood flow and circulation in children. By gently stimulating acupoints along the meridians on their delicate skin, we aim to enhance energy circulation, relieve discomforts, and promote overall wellness in your child.

Paediatric massage is a safe option with minimal side effects, offering a holistic approach to paediatric care. With sessions typically lasting between 10-20 minutes, our paediatric massage services provide a nurturing environment for your child to thrive.

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Why Choose Us

At Thomson TCM, our licensed TCM practitioners specialising in paediatric massage will ensure your child receives the best care tailored to their needs. Our practitioners are highly trained and experienced in working with children, using gentle and effective techniques. We've created a child-friendly environment to ensure your little ones feel relaxed and comfortable during their sessions.

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