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Getting Pregnant With TCM Fertility Treatment in Singapore

Embarking on the journey to parenthood can be both exciting and daunting, especially for those facing fertility challenges.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Singapore offers a holistic approach to enhancing fertility and increasing the chances of conception. Through all-natural methods, TCM optimises reproductive health, regulates menstrual cycles, balances hormones, and improves overall well-being for couples looking to get pregnant.

Consider the TCM Natural Fertility if you are a couple who:

  • Wish to boost fertility without invasive procedures and have been encouraged by your fertility doctors to do so.
  • Has mild fertility issues that are treatable without the need for surgery (e.g. lifestyle-related).
  • Has exhausted all other options to treat their fertility issues.
  • Do not wish to go through the physical and mental stress of a medical procedure.
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How TCM boosts fertility for couples

Harmonise body and mind
Strengthen vital energy, support the immune system, relax the mind.
Improve circulation
Regulate menses, nourish the uterus, support healthy ovarian function.
Balance hormones
Improve egg quality, thicken endometrium lining, support embroyo implantation.
Improve sperm health
Increase sperm count, enhance motility, regulate morphology.
Improve sexual performance
Prevent ejaculatory and erectile dysfunction, increase libido.
Improve body constitution
Clear dampness, boost kidney essence, move Qi energy.

Understanding your first consultation

Here is a glimpse into what you can expect during your first TCM consultation for fertility:

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Let our team of TCM fertility experts guide you

Undergoing TCM fertility treatments in Singapore can be overwhelming, and we know it may not be easy for you and your partner. At Thomson, we prioritise your health and well-being, and we're here to guide you on your journey to parenthood.

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