Tender ref: TMC-POS-RENOL1-280423

Title: Proposed Additions and Alterations to Internal Partitions of Existing Mezzanine Basement 1 and 1st Storey of the Existing Thomson Medical Centre consisting of Existing 5 Storey Hospital with 4 Levels Basement Mechanical Car Park on LOT 4444C & 04865V MK 17 at 339 Thomson Road

Property & Operational Supports
General Building Work and Interior Fit-Out Work
Circulated On
28 Apr 2023 by 1400hrs
Updated On
28 Apr 2023, 1400hrs
Expression Of Interest Closing Date
05 May 2023, 1200hrs
Tender Submission Location

Please review, complete and endorsed on the attached NDA and email back to TenderL1@thomsonmedical.com. Upon receiving the endorsed NDA, the Tender documents and specs will be issued out after EOI date closes.
NDA Template v.3

1) There will be a mandatory sitewalk/tender briefing at Thomson Medical Centre (Date and time of the briefing will be confirmed once EOI date closes)

2) Tender closing submission
Director, Property & Operational Support
Thomson Medical Pte Ltd
Block 1 Thomson Road #01-344
Balestier Hill Shopping Centre (Opposite TMC)
Singapore 300001
Tender Box A
(Attention: Mr Douglas Koh)

Tender Closing Date and Time
26 May 2023, 1200hrs
Contract Commencement Date
01 Jul 2023
Contractual Period
6 Calendar Months (including obtaining of Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) issued by Building and Construction Authority (BCA), from Date of Commencement.) Stage 1A - Work to B1 OPD to be completed within 8 calendar weeks from Date of Commencement. Stage 1B - Work to B1 SOC & Tenant to be completed within 12 calendar weeks from Date of Commencement. Stage 2A - Work to Seating, Retail & PSC to be completed within 4 calendar weeks from 8 calendar weeks after Date of Commencement. Stage 2B - Work to new Staircase, new Lift, Existing Lift Lobbies, Corridors & Entrance to be completed within 8 calendar weeks from 12 calendar weeks after Date of Commencement. Stage 2C - Work to F&B to be completed within 4 calendar weeks from 20 calendar weeks after Date of Commencement. Stage 3 - To obtain Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) including provide assistance of shifting for TMC within 4 calendar weeks after completion of Stage 2C.
Key Qualification / Compliance

1) Tenderer shall possess the registration with BCA:
CW01 General Building: C1 & above OR CR06 Interior Decoration, & Finishing Works: L3 & above

2) Tenderer or tenderer’s sub-contractor shall possess the registration with BCA:
(i) ME01 – Air-conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation Works: L1 & above
(ii) ME06 – Fire Prevention & Protection Systems: L1 & above
(iii) ME12 – Plumbing & Sanitary Work: L1 & above

3) Tenderer must attend compulsory briefing / site show round.

4) Tenderer shall not be penalized with more than 10 demerit points basing on MOM Demerit Point System published record.

Key Information For Initial EOI Tender Submission

1) Provide full company Profile with Company’s Organization Chart

2) Provide a list of past and current projects that your company are involved, with indicative contractual value (estimated range) Information provided will be kept strictly confidential which will be reviewed and evaluated.

3) Past 3-years audited financial statement. (i.e. Year 2020, 2021 and 2022)

4) PLEASE NOTE THAT THE LIQUIDATED DAMAGES will be imposed if the stipulated timelines for completion and handover for each of the phases are not met. Please REFER TO THE TENDER DOCUMENTS FOR the LIQUIDATED DAMAGES.

5) Our Appointed Consultant/Architect – TENarchitects Pte Ltd.
Any clarifications, you may attention to Josephine Tan / Jeremy Ho (TenderL1@thomsonmedical.com)

6) A Tender Deposit of S$11,948.72 in the form of cheque shall be made payable to “TENarchitects Pte Ltd” before releasing the Tender Document/Drawing. The tender deposit of the successful tenderer will be retained and to defray the cost of all the tender documentation charges expended by the Consultants in connection with this tender exercise and for the subsequent formal contract documentation for the award of the Contract.

7) The tender deposit of all unsuccessful tenderers will be refunded on the condition that they submitted a bonafide tender.

Additional Information
8) Performance bond – 10% of the awarded contract sum, in the form of an approved banker’s guarantee or insurance bond.

9) Retention percentage for periodic valuation – 10% for value of work done and 20% for materials or goods.

10) Limit of retention – 5% of the contract sum
[Note: 1st release of retention sum (2.5% of contract sum) will be release upon issuance of Completion Certificate]
[Note: 2nd release of retention sum (2.5% of contract sum) will be release upon issuance of Maintenance Certificate]

11) Form of Contract – SIA Building Contract 2016, Without Quantities, 1st Edition (EA), July 2017

12) Type of Contract – Lump Sum Contract

Contact Email Address
Non-Disclosure Agreement
It is mandatory for interested vendors to submit and endorsed a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as attached (under Attachment) before actual tender documents is distributed. You can send your signed NDA to TenderL1@thomsonmedical.com. Upon receiving the signed copy of NDA and internal background checks, we will forward to you the actual tender documents (SOW, Specs, Diagrams (if any), etc…) through email.