At the core of Thomson Medical Centre’s philosophy of care is a commitment to not just meet, but exceed our patients’ expectations. We are guided by our passion and desire to create memorable experiences for our customers, treat customers like we would our family, and provide our customers the comfort of a home-like environment.

As such, we have over the years, developed the following Thomson Signature Services, in order to make your experience with us an even more delightful one:

  1. Signature fish and green papaya soup

Drinking hot soup before breastfeeding is known to help increase the nursing mother’s milk supply and helping to achieve the goal of total breastfeeding.

Our signature Fish and Green Papaya Soup which is served in the mid-morning to all mothers during their stay with us, is packed with protein, vitamins and minerals to provide a healthy and nutritious supplement and to aid in production of milk for breastfeeding mothers. Takeaway of this delicious soup is also available.

  1. Longan Red Date Ginger Tea for maternity patients

All mummies who give birth at Thomson Medical Centre can request for free-flow red dates logan red date ginger tea after their delivery.

  1. First-time parents programme

To help first-time parents with their parenthood journey, our nurses will ensure that they receive in-room training on essential baby care.

  1. Visit from a lactation consultant during your stay

At Thomson Medical Centre, we understand the difficulties and challenges that new parents face, especially with breastfeeding. We encourage new mothers to achieve skin-to-skin contact with their babies right after delivery, in the birth room and when they room in with their babies in the ward.

All patients will be visited once by a lactation consultant, who will support and assist them to breastfeed successfully and confidently. Subsequent visits are available on request, at a nominal fee.

  1. Your family away from home

We believe in creating delightful experiences for you, every step of the way. Before discharge from Thomson Medical Centre, our nursery staff will confirm your baby’s identity with you, present you with your baby’s Health Booklet, provide instructions for discharge, and assist you to carry your baby to the front lobby.

  1. Call from a Thomson Angel within 48 hours, and one month from discharge

Our philosophy of care extends to maternity patients and their families even after they have been discharged from our hospital. A Thomson Angel will give you a call within 48 hours, as well as one month from discharge, to follow up on how you are coping with your new baby, and if you need further assistance with breastfeeding.

  1. Maternity programmes – First / Subsequent Born Incentives (FBI/SBI)

The First Born Incentive (FBI) and Subsequent Born Incentive (SBI) programmes are specially-designed maternity programmes to make your experience at Thomson Medical Centre extra delightful and rewarding.

FBI and SBI are fully-integrated obstetrics programmes offering you one-stop convenience and exciting member privileges. You can obtain member rates for our services such as professional fees, hospital bills, outpatient visits and ultrasound services. You will also enjoy member privileges from our partners, carefully handpicked to complement your medical benefits.

Furthermore, after your baby is born, you and your baby will continue to enjoy the privileges of quality healthcare at our hospital, at member rates.

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