We have over the years, developed the following Thomson Signature Services, in order to make your experience with us an even more delightful one

Maternity Membership Programmes
Our specially-designed maternity membership programmes (First/Subsequent Born Incentive) gives you access to member rates and exciting member privileges
Signature Fish & Papaya Soup
Drinking hot soup before breastfeeding is known to help increase your milk supply. The fish and papaya soup is packed with protein, vitamins and minerals to aid in production of breast milk, and is served mid-morning to all mothers.
Access to Lactation Support
Consultations with a Lactation Consultant can be arranged, who will support and assist you to breastfeed successfully and confidently. Enquire with ParentCraft Centre at 6251 4090 for details.
Preparing You Before You Go Home
Build your confidence for a good start to your parenthood journey. Our nurses will ensure that you receive hands-on training on essential baby care.
Longan & Red Date Tea
We support your confinement tradition. All mummies can request for our complimentary Longan and Red Date Tea after your delivery.
Warm Personalised Farewell
We are glad to be part of your new bundle of joy. Our nurses will assist you to carry your baby and accompany you to the hospital lobby on your way home.
Follow Up Calls
Our Thomson Angel nurses will follow up in 48 hours and one month post discharge on how you are coping with your new baby, and if you need further assistance with breastfeeding
Loyalty Programme to Reward Your Health
As a Thomson Medical patient, you will get a Thomson Celebrating Life membership for free, gain access to a wide range of ways to improve your health and lifestyle, choose how to redeem your points for benefits, and take charge of your medical records

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