The Art of Breastfeeding

Every new parent probably knows that breast milk is all that babies need until they are six months old. However, with so much information available on Google and YouTube, and with many well-meaning friends and relatives offering their advice on breastfeeding, it is easy to be overwhelmed by information overload.

“No matter how much you can learn online or from people with experience, remember that every mummy is different – what works for others may not work for you,” said Assistant Director (Clinical) and Senior Lactation Consultant at Thomson ParentCraft Centre.

“That’s why it is important to consult the experts. Let them check how your baby is latching on, understand your flow and frequency of feeding, assess your situation and work out a solution that is suited for you,”

“I want to establish a centre to give new parents the confidence in caring for their little ones. We are always here for you, so don’t be shy to consult us. I have seen too many cases where a simple case of infection developed into a bad case of mastitis – all because people were too shy to seek help early.”

A firm advocate of evidence-based teaching, Thomson ParentCraft Centre makes sure that all the techniques taught in the clinic is backed up by clinical research, and updates her staff regularly on new research findings. This includes the entire range of services that Thomson Medical offers before, during and after birth (see below).

To Thomson ParentCraft, successful breastfeeding is not all just about the mother. The father has a part to play too!

“Daddy needs to learn how to massage mummy, and be her cheerleader in the labour ward. It is much easier for the milk to come when mummy is able to rest and relax.”


Before birth

  • Join our childbirth education classes to learn about how milk is produced and how to manage breastfeeding problems
  • Understand that your breasts produce milk only after around three days after delivery, and that the colostrum produced before that provides enough nutrition for baby at this early stage

Immediately after birth

  • Establish skin-to-skin contact within the first hour
  • Let baby lead the way to search for your breast
  • Our lactation consultant will assist you in getting baby to latch on properly

Follow-up after birth

  • A lactation consultant will see every mummy before discharge
  • For advice on breastfeeding and baby care after discharge, call our hotline 9119 3502 (Mon–Fri 8.30am–5pm, Sat 8.30am–12pm)