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Designed to support postpartum recovery

Here at Thomson Medical, our heart is to journey with all mothers even beyond the birth process. We believe a well-nourished and balanced diet is the key to heal, restore and revitalise, especially in the initial months after childbirth. This led to the birth of Thomson Nutri, Singapore’s first and only confinement meal delivery by a local and private hospital.

Each recipe is thoughtfully developed in conjunction with Thomson’s in-house team of Lactation Consultants, Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians and Dieticians to aid mothers on their journey to recovery. With a nutritious and balanced diet, and ample rest, a mother can regain her vitality and health and achieve overall wellbeing that lasts a lifetime.

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Finest of Herbs and Ingredients

From our choice of herbs to the use of the highest quality ingredients, every single component and detail of our menu is carefully crafted. Our meals contain no sodium salt and MSG, are low in fat, rich in nutritional value, and full of flavour. All soup dishes are double boiled for hours to lock in the nutrients and natural goodness of the ingredients. Each meal comes with a meat/fish, vegetable, double-boiled soup, rice and longan & red dates tea.  

All meals are freshly prepared, packed in eco-friendly thermal containers, and delivered to your doorstep. Mothers can enjoy warm and delicious meals in the comfort of their own homes without the hassle of heating up and washing. Savour our labour of love, so you can focus on yours.

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Recover well with our 7-time award-winning confinement meals and enjoy these limited-time promotions. FBI/SBI members and NTUC members get to enjoy extra savings!

Enjoy $68 off our bestselling 28-Day Lunch & Dinner Package. Plus, celebrate Thomson Medical's 45th year anniversary with extra $45 OFF when you enter <THOMSON45> upon checkout!

Made only with the finest ingredients, and contain no sodium salt & MSG. Hassle-free, no washing needed. Order now, activate later.

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[NTUC Union Members Special] EXTRA $70 OFF for the Signature Lunch & Dinner Packages!

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