Use of Medisave Account

If you wish to utilise Medisave to settle your hospital bill, the Medical Claims Authorisation Form (MCAF) needs to be completed and signed by the Medisave account holder. The Medisave account holder must bring along his/her Identity Card.

For inpatient admission, the maximum Medisave withdrawal limit for hospitalisation is S$450 per day.

Your Medisave may also be used to pay for surgical procedures. The maximum withdrawal limit is set in accordance to the type of surgical operation.

From 1 Nov 2016, the use of Medisave has been extended to deliveries of 5th and higher order births, regardless of the couple’s Medisave balance.

Medisave Maternity Package (MMP)

The Government introduced the Medisave Maternity Package (MMP) in August 2004 to further help couples with delivery expenses as well as pre-delivery medical expenses such as consultations, diagnostics and medication charges.

An additional $900 from your Medisave account can be utilised, provided that the original receipts for pre-delivery expenses are submitted to the Hospital upon admission. An administrative fee will be levied if the submission of original receipts is made seven days after the patient’s discharge.

Medishield-Approved Private Integrated Shield Plan (IP)

Thomson Medical Centre is Medisave accredited. Patients can use their Medisave and/or Medishield – Approved Private Integrated Shield Plan (IP) offered by private insurers to pay for hospital charges.

An electronic Letter Of Guarantee (e-LOG) may be provided by your private insurer. Through e-LOG, the hospital will waive admission deposits up to the stated limit. This will help you to minimise upfront payment. The patient is required to pay the hospital bill and doctors’ fee in full, upon hospital discharge.

Medishield Coverage for New-borns with Congenital & Neonatal Conditions

From 1 March 2013, all Singaporean babies will be covered from birth for congenital and neonatal conditions under Medishield. The births must be registered within 42 days from birth and are automatically included in the extended coverage under Medishield from birth. The coverage is subject to prevailing Medishield claim limits on deductible and co-insurance.
For more information on Medisave-approved Integrated Shield Plans, please click here.

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