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Taking the first step into parenthood

Stepping into the world of parenthood can be filled with uncertainty, especially when there is difficulty with natural conception. Early detection of any fertility concerns not only sheds clarity but also greatly enhances the journey ahead.

At Thomson Fertility Centre, we have woven this understanding into our approach. Our detailed fertility screenings are designed to provide the insights you and your partner might need, to collaboratively map out a fertility path, tailored specifically to your circumstances. While each journey to parenthood is unique, our commitment remains consistent: to support and guide you with expertise and care.

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Evaluating fertility for men

When considering fertility, a comprehensive understanding of both partners is essential. Semen analysis stands out as a fundamental aspect of this assessment, playing a pivotal role in the journey to parenthood for many couples.

At its core, a semen analysis offers a snapshot of the health and vitality of sperm. Our guide is here to demystify the procedure, helping you grasp its significance, what the test involves, and its implications for family planning. As you plan for the future, being equipped with this knowledge can aid in informed decision-making.

The test evaluates three key parameters of sperm health:

  • Sperm count: A measure of the number of sperm cells present.
  • Motility: The capability of the sperm to navigate efficiently.
  • Morphology: An insight into the size and form of the sperm cells.
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Exploring TCM for fertility support

Explore a holistic approach to fertility with our alternative therapy, drawing from the rich traditions of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Enhance your path to parenthood with the unique synergy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western treatments.

From acupuncture to the natural balance of herbal remedies, TCM offers a wealth of therapies designed to harmonise body and mind and to bring the body back to balance. At Thomson Chinese Medicine, we believe in empowering you with a spectrum of choices to support your fertility journey, allowing you to find the path that feels right for your family planning aspirations.

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Let our team of experts guide you

Undergoing fertility treatments can be overwhelming, and we know it may not be easy for you and your partner. At Thomson, we prioritise your health and well-being, and we're here to guide you on your journey to parenthood.

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