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Confinement care, or post-natal care, is the period when the mother recuperates from the toil of her 9 months pregnancy, the labour process and the eventual delivery. This confinement period is usually 28 to 40 days.

In TCM, there is a saying where the physique of the mother depends very much on the quality of her confinement care. If she receives good confinement care after delivery, even if she is not at the pink of her health before or during pregnancy, her constitution can be improved. However the reverse is also true – if her confinement care is not of good quality, her health tends to deteriorate thereafter.

Hence, confinement herbs, coupled with well-balanced confinement food, are essential for the new mother to help her recuperate and regain vitality in preparation for her next pregnancy.

Physician Seah Ai Wei shares on the benefits of Confinement Food

The confinement herbs can be classified into 3 stages to meet the different healing needs of post-natal recovery.

  1. Uterus Recovery (3 to 7 days post-delivery)
    Special care is essential for the mother during this period to ensure that remaining blood and tissue are cleared from the uterus. Hence, confinement herbs prescribed during this period assist with uterus contraction and lochia discharge.
  2. Digestive Wellness and Breastfeeding (8 to 14 days post-delivery)
    This period is a crucial turning point as mummy’s metabolism resumes to normal and the body turns from “warm” to “cold”. Warming the body and improving the digestive functions through the use of confinement herbs are crucial as the former can prevent invasion of “wind-dampness” that could aggravate pain and water retention; the latter is crucial for absorption of nutrients that form the foundation for a steady supply of quality breastmilk.
  3. Vitality Booster (15 to 28 days post-delivery)
    The healing objective during this period is overall wellness. Such overall wellness is essential to sustain good health as well as to ensure the body is well prepared for subsequent pregnancy. Hence, through the use of confinement herbs, we aim to strengthen the joints and muscles, to nourish the blood and regain overall vitality.

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