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TCM Confinement Care After Delivery: How TCM Supports Mothers on Their Postpartum Journeys

Confinement can be a particularly stressful period for new mothers who are simultaneously taking care of their newborns while recovering from the physical toll of childbirth. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective, this is a critical time to nourish the body and restore its energy to optimal levels.

From supporting a holistic postpartum recovery to restoring the body's balance for vitality, the benefits of TCM Confinement Care allow mothers to heal and strengthen their bodies naturally and safely.

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28-Day Confinement Herbal Care Programme

The herbs included in the personalised 28-Day Confinement Herbal Care programme are conveniently packaged in sachets and capsules, and they target three stages of postpartum recovery, namely uterus recovery, digestive wellness & breastfeeding, and vitality booster.

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