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Confinement Herbal Care

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  • 28-Day Confinement Herbal Care
  • Three stages of healing
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Postpartum Recovery

The postpartum period can be especially challenging for new mothers as they juggle caring for their newborns while recuperating from the demands of childbirth. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) standpoint, this phase is crucial for nourishing the body and rejuvenating energy levels.

Thomson Chinese Medicine offers personalised herbal remedies designed for women during their confinement period. Our 28-Day Confinement Herbal Care is meticulously crafted to address your healing requirements, providing tailored herbal solutions to support a smooth and revitalising recovery journey.

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TCM 28-Day Confinement Herbal Care

Thomson Chinese Medicine offers prescribed herbal remedies to meet the unique healing needs of each individual during their confinement period. They are suitable for natural delivery, c-section and supports breastfeeding. With the convenience of mothers in mind, the prescribed herbs are pre-portioned in packets to make it easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Our 28-Day Confinement Herbal Care includes:

  • A consultation with our TCM Physician after delivery
  • Herbs prescribed by our TCM Physician to address three essential stages of postpartum recovery (28 Days of herbal powder):
    • Stage 1: Uterus Recovery
    • Stage 2: Digestive Health and Breastfeeding
    • Stage 3: Vitality Booster
  • 2 different types of capsules to promote lactation and boost vitality.
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Three stages of healing

1. Uterus Recovery

Up to 6 days after delivery

Special care is essential for the mother during this period to ensure that remaining blood and tissue are cleared from the uterus. Hence, confinement herbs prescribed during this period assist with uterus contraction and lochia discharge.

2. Digestive Wellness and Breastfeeding

7 – 21 days after delivery

This period is a crucial turning point as mummy’s metabolism resumes to normal and the body turns from “warm” to “cold”. Warming the body and improving the digestive functions through the use of confinement herbs are crucial as the former can prevent invasion of “wind-dampness” that could aggravate pain and water retention; the latter is crucial for absorption of nutrients that form the foundation for a steady supply of quality breastmilk.

3. Vitality Booster

22 – 28 days after delivery

The healing objective during this period is overall wellness. Such overall wellness is essential to sustain good health, in addition to ensuring the body is well prepared for subsequent pregnancies. Hence, through the use of confinement herbs, we aim to strengthen the joints and muscles, to nourish the blood and regain overall vitality.

Frequently asked questions

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