Find out how our ParentCraft Educators help new fathers manage their newborns


From zero to hero

“I had no experience whatsoever in caring for babies,” said Alvin Yeo, 40, whose baby Alyssa was born in Thomson Medical Centre last November. “So it was a relief to know that I could attend a crash course by the Thomson Angels with Alyssa, while my wife was resting in her room.”

Alvin is one of many new daddies who are totally hands-on when it comes to baby care. No longer is this ‘a job for the mum’ – Alvin has no problem caring for his little one on his own, which means mummy can rest easy knowing that her man of the house knows exactly what to do, every time.

“We have no helper and we stay on our own, so it’s great that Alvin can manage even without me around,” said mummy Adel Koh, 34, who works as a bank officer.

To Alvin, the hands-on nature of the class by Thomson makes a big difference. “It’s amazing how much better you can understand when you’re trying out what you’ve learnt on your very own baby,” he said.

“With no more than five students in a class, the size is small enough for the nurses to address all our queries and cover the topics in depth.”

One of the most useful takeaways was learning to decode a baby’s cries.

“To be honest, many guys are terrified by a crying baby, so it helps to identify the different types of cries and react accordingly,” he said. “For example, crying with mouth opening and closing means she needs milk, and if she’s frowning a lot at the same time, she’s moving her bowels and I need to change her diapers.”

“I am happy to have learnt useful skills that really worked, thanks to the help of the Thomson Angels.”- Daddy Alvin

In one hour, Alvin learnt how to hold Alyssa, how to help her burp, bathe her, feed her and other essential skills from Thomson ParentCraft Centre.

“I even learnt how to do a special form of baby yoga, which uses music, movement and massage to improve bonding, stimulate the brain and aid digestion,” said Alvin, who is also an avid musician and DJ. “This is definitely a skill that I will be using for a long time.”

Achievement unlocked

As a newbie dad, Alvin recalled a profound sense of satisfaction when he managed to calm Alyssa down on his own.

“To all new daddies out there, please be patient, and always keep a cool head as the man of the house,” he said. “This will go a long way in reassuring mummy that she is not alone in caring for the baby.”

To Alvin, a crying baby may be hard to handle for many guys, but just remember that a baby is new to the world, and that daddy is here to protect her.

“Before Alyssa came along, it was all about me and my wife. Now I try to place myself in the shoes of Alyssa to understand her needs,” he said.

“It has not been easy, but I am happy to have learnt useful skills that really worked, thanks to the help of the Thomson Angels.”


Thomson Medical offers an exclusive one-hour class for new daddies. While mummy is resting in the delivery suite, daddy gets some real hands-on practice with their newborn baby!

Daddies will learn how to:

  • Carry baby the safe way
  • Help baby burp after feeding
  • Decode baby’s cries and comfort baby
  • Feed baby with syringe and cup
  • Put baby to sleep
  • Bond with baby

This class is also open to daddies whose babies were delivered in other hospitals.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday


Thomson Medical Centre

Family Waiting Lounge, 339 Thomson Road

Singapore 307677

Class size

Maximum 5 daddies to 3 nurses


Call Thomson ParentCraft Centre at 6251 4090 to find out more!